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Welcome to Shaggy Mane Studios

Shaggy Mane Studios is more than just a studio. It is a hub for all things creative! From music to game design and everything in between Shaggy Mane Studios has it's fingers in many pies!


note: To avoid your pies getting our fingers in them, please insure that pies remained covered at all times. In the event that a pie is in need of cooling, please don't cool at an open window! That's a sure fire way to get fingers in pies!

Founded by Alan Donnelly, Shaggy Mane Studios started in Music Composition and Audio Engineering, working for such clients as Coca-Cola, Monster Energy and Acer, delivering high quality audio content to support their brands.

The studio has since branched into Animation and Game Development. Having created animation for explainer videos, music videos and with their first release Cat vs. Ball on both the App Store and Playstore and many things in the pipeline, keep an eye on this lil' studio...


Great things to come!

The Studio_edited.png

A wee studio in wee Ireland where things are wee...

Shaggy Mane Studios is located in Wexford Ireland in a secret underwater lair off Curracloe Beach. We make video games, sometimes the underwater lair gets a little wet as many parts of it are still under construction so its prone to leaks. Not "leeks" like the vegetable, "leaks" like when a ship "springs a leak!" Not a spring leek, which are packed with that bright hopeful springtime flavour!

Remember, always patch a leak and also, eat your veggies!

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