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Audio Design & Music Composition

At Shaggy Mane Studios we love a bit of sound! Music, SFX, Sound Design, Soundscapes, you name it we've done it! Below you will find some of our own projects and some of the awesome projects we had the pleasure of working on over the years.

Fancy a bit of audio for your game? An original composition for your animation, web content or film? We have you covered! Just hit us up in the contact section of the website and we'd love to hear about the projects you're working on!

"Vibrafalls" - Coca Cola

A promo video for Coca Cola who commissioned a twenty meter tall digital waterfall that reacts to sound and movement. I created this piece for Nexus Studios in the U.K and was the first of many collaborations with the production company.

Cat Vs. Ball -
Shaggy Mane Studios

One of my own project here and Shaggy Mane Studio's first officially release of a mobile game. In relation to sound everything was created in house for the music and a blend of freesounds and Foley for the SFX. The idea with this was to get that New York alleyway Jazz vibes all the way through the music for the game. As far as sound design I wanted comic/cartoon style effects with crunching jujitsu hits to round it all off. Loved working on this from an audio perspective! This was a little gameplay video I used for promotion on YouTube.

"Flight" - Telus

This was one of many awesome projects I got to work on

for a Canadian based production company known as The Solidarity Union. I met with the guys from TSU when I moved to Canada back in 2013 and we worked on lots of really cool projects together. This was for Telus one of the largest telecommunications companies in Canada. I wanted to capture the feeling of anticipation followed by the release when the base jumper finally leaps!

Dangerous Diver -
Shaggy Mane Studios

This is one of my own projects I am working on called Dangerous Diver. This is the gameplay trailer for this so all SFX, music etc. was created by me for this trailer and also the game itself. Keep an eye out for this one its coming soon!

Cactus Club - Matt Stowe

Another great project where I was asked to supply the music for a Top Chef winner Matt Stowe. This was was a fun one as I am a big fan of Top Chef! Matt's dialogue for the video was very humble, he talks about craftsmanship and his roots so I wanted to capture this with an interesting but non intrusive type piece of music. I wanted it to lift as the video progresses but also create the support for the VO.

"Pete's Monster" -
Monster Energy

A video I had the pleasure of creating the music composition for. This is a video commissioned by Monster Energy, a Canadian surfer Pete Devries. I created the track "Pete's Monster" for this and tried to capture the vibe of the huge waves and stormy weather throughout the video.

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