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Audio Design & Music Composition

At Shaggy Mane Studios we love a bit of sound! Music, SFX, Sound Design, Soundscapes, you name it we've done it! Check out our Showreel above and a few key projects below of some awesome projects we had the pleasure of working on over the years.

"Vibrafalls" - Coca Cola

A promo video for Coca Cola who commissioned a twenty meter tall digital waterfall that reacts to sound and movement. Music composition by Shaggy Mane Studios

"Pete's Monster" -
Monster Energy

This is a video commissioned by Monster Energy for Canadian surfer Pete Devries. Music composition by Shaggy Mane Studios.

"Flight" - Telus

This was a music composition commissioned by Telus International one of the largest telecommunications companies in Canada.

Cactus Club - Matt Stowe

Another great project where we were asked to supply the music for a promo video for Top Chef winner Matt Stowe.

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