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A fast paced, high scoring, screen tapping extravaganza...

and its got cats!

Meet Lenny, a Kung Fu Master kitty with bags of attitude.

One day when a mysterious ball on a stick drops from the sky, Lenny's cat like instincts kick in and he can't help but investigate... Will curiosity kill this kitty? Well, that's up to you!  

Hit the ball from side to side with deadly accuracy and timing. This is not for the faint of heart and perseverance is they key to success! Set the high score, share it with your friends and lets see who the really Kung Fu Master is in this fast paced, high scoring, screen tapping extravaganza.

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Cat Ball Cover Photo.png

Cat vs. Ball is a Casual game but don't be fooled by its simple concept. Timing is key so share your highest score with your friends and challenge them to try and topple you. Bragging rights for the one with the best score!

Do you accept the challenge??!

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