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Walrus Hates Water

An out of control, slip-sliding survival game where this walrus hates water, keep him alive by keeping him on the ice!

Winston is not your average walrus, unlike any other walrus Winston has Aquaphobia...

*Aquaphobia is described as someone or somewalrus that has "the phobia of the aqua!"

For all of Winston's life thusfar he has managed to get by just fine on land until today. While sleeping close to the water, a crack has formed under the ice he is sleeping on. Winston is enjoying an amazing, refreshing sleep until suddenly the platform splits from the ice plane and begins to float out to sea. Winston awakes from the commotion only to realise he is floating out to sea!

Its your job to keep Winston on the ice!


Survival time and fish eaten sets the high score, so lets see which of you out there has the skills to keep Winston on the ice in this out of control, survival game.

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Development Screenshots

Animation Tests


Winston Walk Cycle - Game Capture


Walrus Hates Water is a fun, simplistic game where you will need to master control and timing to keep Winston on the ice. Managing Winston's appetite will help you with keeping him balanced, see how long you can last!

Keep Winston on the Ice!

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