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About Us.


Shaggy Mane Studios is an Irish indie game studio owned by Alan Donnelly that makes fun, challenging mobile games.

Shaggy Mane Studios


Some Background -

With a background in music production and SFX, Shaggy Mane Studios is the brainchild of Alan Donnelly. Having produced Music Compositions for such clients like Coca-Cola, Monster Energy and Acer, Shaggy Mane Studios cut its crust creating high quality audio content for various brands.

Dangerous Diver -

Recruiting help from a long time friend, Shaggy Mane Studios started their journey into game development with a game called Dangerous Diver.


All hurdles were inevitably in front of the team and they ran head first into all of them at pace! Game Dev is hard but the team persevered! 

Having garnered a lot of interest on the game, winning a competition to showcase it in San Fransisco Shaggy Mane Studios worked with publishers to further develop the mechanics and salability of Dangerous Diver.


Ultimately though, work commitments, new babies and life in general have left the game somewhat frozen at the closing stages of development.


It's coming though so hang tight!


Cat vs. Ball -
Since Dangerous Diver, Shaggy Mane Studios has just finished development on a new game Cat vs. Ball, where Alan took on all of the development and design for the game. The idea was to create a mobile game in a short period of time that had replayability and fun snappy gameplay. Shaggy Mane Studios have created a game where players get a fusion of fast paced, arcade style play with casual mobile mechanics making the game easy to pick-up but tough to master. It is out now for iOS on the App Store and Android on the Play Store!!!


So what's next?

With more exciting projects in the pipeline, Shaggy Mane Studios are excited to get cracking on new games now that Cat vs. Ball is out in the wild!


  • Dangerous Diver

  • Cat vs. Ball

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